A spontaneous guild group formed last night and we cleaned our way through normal ToC, FoS, and PoS nice and easy. And even finally scored some upgrades for our Healer, and some boots for me.

ToC was a bit of a pain when we got some kind of bugged opening joust which meant it went on f.o.r.e.v.e.r. The jousting is bad enough without it never ever ending, sob. We eventually zoned out and reset, which fixed everything. FoS and PoS were easy enough, other than when we tried to race up the PoS ramp after Krick and managed to catch the tail end of one mob for the accidental wipe. Exploits rarely seem to work, though this one would be worth getting right to avoid those annoying 5 pulls.

So we once again reached our bette noir, HoR, at 1130PM. We thought we’d give it one shot, and call it if we failed. It was much better this time despite the hour. We made our way smoothly to Falric, and we had him, before a 1% wipe.

Has anyone done the math on 1% wipes - they seem way too common to be legit? I remember countless one percenters in Kara and Outland heroics, and maybe even a few with Anub’Rekhan in Naxx. Maybe the last 2-5% is rounded to 1%, just to make it that much more painful :-) It’s pretty funny rueing a 1% wipe on normal mode mini bosses, when others are having the same kind of wipes on the Heroic mode LK himself. But who cares, we’re loving it!