The mysteries of flight have been revealed - I can fly in Draenor.

In the end it wasn’t too bad - once enough Baleful gear dropped, the Tanaan quests passed relatively fast, especially if you knew which to favourite. The quickest zones I found were The Iron Front & Zeth’gol. The respawn rates are high and there are plenty of bonus items to speed the completion of the bonus quests - especially the warlocky blood bubble things in Zeth’gol. The rep quests were roughly in sync so they all dinged with in a day of each other. Which was nice.

Doing the weekly Rumble in the Jungle made the Saberstalkers super quick, not to mention the bonus Apexis gain as a result. Unseen Influence was probably the trickiest, as once you run out of Treasures it’s only rares that drop Fel-corrupted fragments. But there are also chests and the like that drop them, so it was ok in the end.

For the treasures, HandyNotes and HandyNotesDraenorTreasures are indispensable. Naturally it was the Securing Draenor quests that were left outstanding, but buying the missives from Sergeant Grimshaw put an end to them quick smart.

In the midst of all this, I finished off Tailoring, Cooking, much of Archaeology (just from the Garrison mine fragments), and First Aid. And now I can fly, Archaeology will be a cinch. Rising into the skies again is lovely, and it’s a nice reward for effort.