The world PVP areas coming in Legion sound pretty entertaining - Blizz are tagging it as Wacky Races compared to the Formula 1 of Arena. A dark last-toon-standing gladitorial pit, jousting on the back of mountain goats, and best of all: “You get to turn into a Murloc, you go onto the Murloc faction, you can blow up players as a Murloc.”

You’re going to turn into a freaking Murloc. How do you balance Murlocs? That doesn’t even make sense. You don’t. You make it overpowered. Go and have fun.

Murloc PVP! Time to find out why Murloc’s have been so good at wrecking low level characters for so long1.

  1. I love that the WoW Iron Man forums have a special warning for Murlocs due to their ability to swarm and kill even the most careful player. ↩︎