Things I can’t do:

  • Fly an aeroplane
  • ‘Get’ Jazz
  • Cook tempura
  • Leverage the low hanging fruit
  • Tank HoR

One of these things is easier than the rest.

Our guild whistled through it with Pallytank, but endlessly wiped with me. It’s not a gear check for the tank, it’s a “are you a nub” check, and I just can’t get it going. It wouldn’t matter if I was geared out in Tier 27. Gear doesn’t help with taunting, tab targeting, dealing with ranged, and noticing my healer being destroyed. Stupid Mages fireballing people to death, or even worse Rifleman standing in the middle of the room and  pewpewing people down. Killed by a trash hunter, the ultimate shame.

Ghostcrawler says there’s no way they’d introduce a mechanism where “everything is pretty much taunted to you the whole time”, and of course they shouldn’t, but right now I’d pay cash money for that ability. It’s now become an official “thing” for me, so that I’m pretty much doomed before we even start - or as aptly put it when talking about this exact instance, “fear is the mind killer”.

After rage quitting the instance, I had miles of fun facerolling through normal instances levelling our 76 Druid healer in PuGs. We were complimented on our healer/tank-work, which was nice but also silly given I am geared enough for starter 10 mans and Heroic everything else. I used to think OPing instances was lazy, it should be a challenge, make it hard, blah blah. Now I see the error in that thinking.

As our healer said after wipe 18, “let’s do something fun”. Exactly! /LFD normal-mode-anything-but-Icecrown