Slightly more prepared

One day and eleven hours to go for BfA, as I write this. I’m not really that prepared, having looked at finishing Legion Engineering and Mining and failed, and also failing to participate in enough fishing raids to level the Underlight Angler much. Once BfA launches it will be nigh impossible for a while, until people start backfilling content.

I did finally empty out most of my bags. Where by ‘most’ I mean half – I can’t quite let go of all the special bait and fish!

After the new PC build, my addons are also mostly under control. I decided against ElvUI for the time being – it’s a nice set and forget system, but it is very hard to customise and tends to take over everything. So I’ve slowly built a passable UI using some core components: Bartender4, Shadowed Unit Frames, ThreatPlates, Adibags, and of course FishingBuddy. I’ve thrown on TitanPanel too, which is fun though I’m not sure ‘required’, though many swear they become dependent on it. Just need to find a minimap and chat fixer and we should be good to go.

The other thing I wanted to get a better handle on before launch was the lore backstories. Luckily Blizzard Watch have our backs here. Super lore-watcher Anne Stickney (why hasn’t Blizzard hired her?) fills us in on the undeath of Sylvanas, while equally knowledgable Matthew Rossi goes deep on Saurfang.

There is also a super useful BfA timeline article, that outlines the plot points and has links to all the novellas, comics, and animations that bring us to the launch. I’d missed the comics, and all three are excellent and flesh out a lot of the storyline – especially Jaina. Recommended reading!

3 thoughts on “Slightly more prepared”

  1. Oh my god, I had totally forgotten about the addons when I was in my “hyped for BfA, do I want to come back?” phase 2 weeks ago 😛

    Glad that phase is over for now, because that’s a thing I’d be absolutely not in the mood to fix now. And I haven’t played with the default UI since Vanilla…

  2. I’ll be doing a post myself very much like this shortly, but I’m in pretty much the same place now; my bags are mostly empty — I’ve moved some stuff to my bank, sold off huge amounts of materials and miscellaneous junk; my quest log has been ruthlessly purged; addons and macros updated and mostly set how I want them… everyone is just chilling in Dalaran waiting to be called to action.

    Sadly it’s going to be a busier than normal working week for me this week so my BfA binge will have to wait until the weekend!

    1. Funny how we all wait until the dawn of a new xpac before cleaning shop! I should investigate void storage I think – banks are crammed with old gear, which seems silly in the days of transmog. Except for the *special* pieces of course.

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