Sylvanas Lannister

(Spoileriffic if you haven’t finished the pre-BfA scenarios!)

The Battle for Lordaeron scenario is really great, probably the best in game story telling I’ve experienced. There is a real sense of urgency and panic, plus it’s the first time the scale of the Horde and Alliance battle has really sunk home. This is no skirmish, this is a real war.

There are a lot of great moments and reveals in the storytelling. When Sylvanas unleashes the blight (another unforgivable act), the player is given the choice of taking a mask and healing the infected Horde warriors, or taking a can of blight and spreading the disease further. It was great to be given the option to do good in the face of the horror – thanks Blizzard.

Baine makes his first serious appearance, and has a wonderful moment of Sophie’s Choice which only made me respect and love him more. His facial animation is perfect, bearing witness to his frustration as he is forced into an impossible decision thrust upon him by Sylvanas. And, being Baine, he of course chooses correctly.

Great question

And I even warmed slightly to Sylvanas again when she sat slouched in the throne room and gently mocked the ‘little lion’ boy king. When she’s at her arrogant best, she’s something to behold. Pity that same arrogance has led her – and the Horde – so badly astray.

Jaina was a revelation for me – not having played Alliance I hadn’t ever experienced or realised her power. Though the floating ghost boat thing? Not a fan. And I’m not sure the status of Undercity at the finish, but it doesn’t look like either side ‘won’.

I also wasn’t sure what had happened to Saurfang, which was a blip in the Horde side storytelling I think, but apparently he’s locked up in Stormwind Stockade. My level 10 Alliance Spy Guild will have to go in there and rescue him!

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  1. They were pretty vague on what happened to Saurfang weren’t they? I hadn’t even known he was captured. Perhaps the Horde will stage a rescue? Personally I thought Jaina’s ghost boat was kind of cool (queue the memes). And when Sylvanas unleashed the blight, I admit I kind of cheered inwardly at her cleverness. Then Jaina had to rescue everyone. Why couldn’t the king and his people have died like decent folk? 😀

    1. It will be really interesting to see how Saurfang is dealt with. A temporary alliance with the…Alliance to overthrow Sylvanas? A rescue, like you suggest? Maybe we’ll capture one of their leaders and it will be a hostage swap. Many stories to unravel!

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